cmiVFX Releases SideFX Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 4 Training Video 


chopsRealtime Motion Graphics Driven by Music

Houdini is a totally awesome app, and this time will create a scene driven by music. (A highly requested tutorial lesson by our customers) SInce we built this project in Houdini, you can setup the final cmiVFX project to use any audio files you choose while taking full advantage of the procedural workflow. This could be used for live events, visualizations, or just to animate and deform objects based on certain sounds, like a speaker pounding to the sound of the bass drum. This would surely open a huge door of possibilities for anyone with the cmiVFX project file.


mites Hungry Metal Eating Termites

This awesome effect, seen in movies, is surely a delight to see and to create. We use many areas of the Houdini application, and focus on making them work together to achieve this fantastic effect. We put the artist back in control, which is crucial in a feature production environment, allowing for the customization of our effects breakdowns to be used in part or whole in your pipeline. When you're done with this lesson you'll have inside knowledge of how many effects are done in production, and you'll gain knowledge to develop on other similar effects for your own custom looks.


gameSpace Shooter Game v0.01

Again I close this volume with a game done inside Houdini, although Houdini is not a game environment or engine, we again testify that Houdini CAN DO ANYTHING. In a production environment, it might seem that this would be horse play, but if you could create the proper logic, Houdini could play itself to solve even more complex shot effects. In this video the game is a bit more complex. We now have a variety of players, enemies and bullets, which creates a bit more depth and complexity. We achieve this mainly with the support of Particle Operators (POPs), which is a great environment for this kinds of complex behaviors. Again, this just proves that Houdini can tackle anything you throw at it, and that you can have fun and explore new possibilities inside the magical world of Houdini and how it can automate effects such as digital on screen content for film and televisions portrayal of PDA's, smart phones, computer screens, holograms and heads up displays.



cmiVFX Releases SideFX Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 3 Training Video



cropAlien Crop Field Designs

Play the role of the young Alien Graffiti artist and create outstanding designs on crop fields!  We`ll emulate crop field designs right within Houdini, in a simple, easy to understand lesson that any level of artist can follow. The technique we`ll learn allows you to quickly apply a lot of different effects, such as foot prints to your custom shots. You`ll be able to start using a basic text file as guide or a complex image file directly in your crop field system.  This project open up doors, (or should we say celestial gateways?), to other effects related to our source material. 



hipart  Making Hip Art

Hip Art is well known for its beautiful repetitions. The technique uses tons of repetition and the subtle changes to express the individual artists minds in a way that is perfect for Houdini. Taking all of this into consideration, it becomes a perfect subject for our studies. Using both Houdini geometry displacements and render time displacements, we will make some images that will open your mind to a brand new kind of experience and help add a phenomenal amount of details to your projects.



 crowdSimple Crowd System

This simple crowd system will get you started on creating complex shots for your animations in a heart beat. It has a solid, easy to understand base for you to add crowds to any scene you desire. We’ll learn how to create different levels of proxy geometry directly from the high resolution source without loosing the main shape of the character. Alongside that, you`ll learn how to add randomness to get away with having repeating actions on your characters and avoid having them looking all the same, which is a common problem with first timers when building crowd systems. We’ll also prepare our system to adopt any custom character you might want to use. You can also use instances for particles and/or delayed loading.  Get your crowd shots working flawlessly with some expert tips from Varomix!