• Cluster – Ford Lobo 2015 – Pueblo Errante

    We had and amazing experience helping our friends from Cluster Studio with this amazing project, a great example of collaboration of several VFX artist. We did: - Camera and object tracking. - Dust. - Sand\Dirt. http://www.clusterstudio.com/
  • cmiVFX – Houdini Transformium

    cmiVFX morphs its latest release on to your computer or mobile device by launching the new Houdini Transformium Effect training video, on sale now! You saw the movies, you marveled at the action packed sequences, and you sat through the satire created by the actors through the entire series. Your reward is learning this killer new and cmiVFX improved Houdini Transformium Liquid Metal animation effect! In this course we will examine and recreate the effect from the films in Houdini. You can get it here - https://cmivfx.com/store/647-houdini-transformium
  • cmiVFX – Arnold for Houdini

    cmiVFX is very happy to bring you this brand new and improved Houdini video course titled "Arnold for Houdini 101," by cmiMentor varomix. This was possible thanks to the great support from Solid Angle and their amazing Arnold Renderer. You can buy it here - https://cmivfx.com/store/634-arnold-for-houdini
  • cmivfx INK FX

    Learn about the project and the result we are going for, this will involve Houdini and a Nuke-like compositing app. Since have 27.6 particles that make our effect, we will learn how to handle such large amount of particles with the least amount of resources.
  • cmiVFX Missile Strike

    cmiVFX brings you an excellent addition to the new Houdini Destruction Series by varomix DaGreit. Volume 2 of this series will pick up right where volume 1 ended as you advance through the process of working with a missile strike animation. You'll continue to learn how to use Houdini's world-renowned dynamic tools, which are the same tools that are used by all of the best world class Visual Effects artists and Technical Directors. We'll continue to show you all of the best techniques, tricks, and workflows so you can maximize your efficiency. We’ll cover it all so you can be the best artist you can be.